Wednesday, September 16, 2015


This was an addition from last years project. It is simply just a dry stacked stripstone planter wall with a nice bird bath/perennial bed below. Simple, but makes a statement ^_^

Lam/Etz Residence

This one was a very interesting project and huge learning curb for me. I have ended up getting several leads in the area from this project so it was totally worth it! The front walk was a complete paver overlay on top of the existing concrete in which i curved each step. Also in the design is two entry columns, a paver block planting bed, and a separate walk from the driveway to the front walk. Turned out better than I could have ever expected!


Kriekard Residence

These were by far my favorite clients of the year. It is so refreshing to have clients that truly appreciate all the hard work and thought that you put into a design. This is a revamp from a previous installation the owner of our company had done a few years prior. This one included a flagstone path, boulder work and my signature mix of two different types of 1 1/2" decorative rock. The before/after pictures rock!


McGoff Residence

This was a very fun front yard revamp that I did this year. The before/after pictures truly speak for themselves!


Nagel Residence

This one was very difficult to manage as they were having a pool put in in the back while landscaping was being done. One of the highest end landscapes I have done and after many head aches and sleepless nights, we finally completed this build. Once the pool is put in, I will add photos!

Naemura Residence

This one was an interesting one. The homeowner was very picky about the pavement product but in the end, we found one that he loved! I ran a gas line into the paver patio for a future fire pit which I am very excited about putting in in the spring. Also included is a sport court and mountain granite retaining walls!

Lundquist Residence

This one was a complicated one and unfortunately, I lost a stone mason over it. After re building these walls a second time, I am truly happy with how it turned out. I learned a lot about brick work and "biting the bullet" with this project but at the end of the day, it is all about making the client happy ^_^