Saturday, February 22, 2014

Tanner Residence

This residence was really fun to design. It gave me an opportunity to get outside of the typical Colorado/mountain landscape that is so popular in this time and day. A modern design to me consist of straight lines, different textures, vertical elements, and of course concrete. There was quit a bit of elevation change on this site so I decided to split it into three different areas, complemented with various planting beds. The first area is right off the back door and is meant to eventually house a hot tub but for now serves as a grill area. Planning in advance, i used several columnar oak, ornamental grasses, and pyramidal junipers to provide as a year long planting screen. The grill/hot tub area steps down to the lower patio through the use of cantilevered concrete steps. This patio will be primarily used as a dining/social area that will lead to a small lawn space and also the driveway.

Front Yard Design

This was one of my favorite projects I did for Renovations Landscaping. This used to be your typical front yard with sod and planting bed but the home owner was tired of maintaining his lawn so i designed a very low maintenance space that you could also use as a main entrance to the front door. The design includes a siloam stone path that bridges over a dry stream bed, and leads right to the front door. I have just using one type of mulch (looks bland) so I combined the use of river rock and wood mulch to separate the space and create planting beds that are aesthetically pleasing. I look forward to visiting this space once it is mature.

Wilson Residence

This was really one of my first designs to be sold and built. The Wilson family was a nice middle-aged couple who lived a couple miles from main street Castlerock. They own a small dog and wanted a small, low maintenance area where the dog could exercise and go to the bathroom. Since the backyard is east facing and is in the shadow for a good portion of the day I decided on using artificial turf instead of sod. This would be complemented by a few planting beds and pine trees to shed out views of the neighbors house and also enclose the space. In the front they wanted to eliminate any existing sod and turn it into an extremely low maintenance yard. I used a combination of river rock, mulch and a cobble stream bed to accomplish this. Then I used some of the soil we excavated from the backyard and turned it into a small planting berm on the right side of the house.