Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Senior Design work

 First semester senior year I took a planting design studio. In it I learned  how to frame views, save energy, block winds, create plantings that are aesthetically pleasing with different textures, colors and form. Here are some projects from the past semester. I'm still waiting for two of my designs to be returned by my professor which she decided to display in the hall. I will also post my final as soon as I get it back. The final was my first big scale landscape design which was made for a low income housing apartment complex.
Pigeon Valley Apartments:
Now don't let the name Pigeon Valley Apartments sway your view too much (as a class we thought it would be funny to name our apartment complex after a bird and a landmark and I thought pigeon valley was funny at the time). This project gave me the opportunity to design a large scale landscape and I really enjoyed doing it. On the south side of the property I formed a 2-3' berm and placed a planting screen that consisted of large conifers and deciduous trees to block out traffic noise from the adjacent street. In the front entrance I placed an aesthetically pleasing perennial and shrub planting bed that frames the front daycare building but also leads you down the sidewalk paths toward the other apartment buildings. There are many planting beds placed near and adjacent to the outdoor patio areas which act as barriers from other apartment patios and as an aesthetically pleasing planting to the occupants. On the north side of the property is a large turf area which acts as a sheltered area where small children can run and play. Occupants are greeted from the road with a large cut boulder with the word "welcome" written on it, surrounded by a perennial planting.
Here is a rendered version of the above plan.
This is the part of the design that I had the most fun with. The program called for a "big wheel path" in the middle of the court yard. I designed a concrete sidewalk that went down the middle of the courtyard with an alle of trees to shade it. Then I placed a curvilinear designed path made out of a yellow colored concrete, designated for the kids to ride their big wheels on. The path goes in and out of the sidewalk and also behind benches that were placed there as a place for the parents to sit and read while their kids play.

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