Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Smith Residence

HORT 432: Senior Studio Smith Program

Smith Residence

The Smith family recently purchased a new home located in Broomfield, CO. They are interested in having a landscape design completed. They spend much of their leisure time outdoors in their yard. The Smith Family has (4) children from ages 5 to 13 along with (1) dog. The clients would like a hot tub area in the backyard, as well as adequate space to entertain around the design element. Additionally, they want an area of turf in the backyard. Views must be maintained toward the foothills for both the Smith family and the neighbors to the east. The front yard should include a turf area as well as numerous beds. They like the material used in the existing wall and would also like large boulders to be incorporated into their design. All design guidelines must be followed. Overall, they want their landscape to be reminiscent of the Rocky Mountains.

This is a concept using concentric circle designs on the back patio.

This is a concept with a rectilinear design on the hardscapes.
This is a preliminary design with more
refined lines and quick color using colored pencil.
This is the final rendered plan using marker and colored pencil used for presentation with the client.
 I had a lot of fun with this design because it brought about interesting design challenges. Since the back yard had such a steep slope and the top priority of this client was to create the biggest patio space possible I came up with a patio design that was large enough to entertain yet at the same time created a space that had a sense of privacy without blocking any of the neighbors views. There are a series of four spaces that step below existing grade, guarded by retaining walls which support the clients privacy need. Also included in the patio is an "L" shaped hot tub equipped with a water fall using moss rock boulders and surrounded by grasses, spruces and dogwoods to add to that "Colorado" feel the clients desired. 
                This assignment was a little different because of the amount of constraints within the homeowner community. Also, with this design, we had to include a grading plan and construction details.

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