Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Job experience/ internships

I have had a job since my junior year summer in high school. I started out working at Safeway. This was the first job experience in which I dealt directly with people. Safeway gave me the basic customer service skills I know will aid me in my future when interacting with clients. For the summers between my senior year of high school to my sophmore year of college I worked for Castlewood Landscape and Design,  a successful design and build firm located near the outlet malls in Castlerock. I worked as a laborer on many small and large residential landscape builds. I learned how to install irrigation systems, drip systems, water features, pond less water features, turf, trees and shrubs, and boulder placement. The third summer I worked there, after my sophomore year in college, I was able to work in the office which in turn gave me the opportunity to render a lot of architectural drawings. I also was given the opportunity work on a small backyard patio design with one of the former architects. During the school year I work a 10 hour a week job at one of the dining halls on the CSU campus to help pay for my groceries and supplies.

Below are some photos from my work experience at Castlewood Landscape and Design:

Here is the design I completed over my third summer. I designed everything but the plant material.
The following three photos are pictures of the finished product.

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