Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Senior year studio

This was a permaculture project in which we planned out spaces and ideas that were reflective of the permaculture theme. I decided to design a permaculture project that was meant for a family with (2) kids, 6 and 8 years old. This was meant to be a sustainable design while also providing space for the kids to run around and explore. For that reason I placed in an edible forest that had to be navigated through in order to stumble upon a large duck pond. There is also an apple orchard, a large keyhole garden close to the house, a raised bed garden and fruiting trees scattered through out.

This is a concept plan for a client living in Colorado that wanted a design that was reflective of Japanese/Chinese gardens. This was a challenging design since there aren't many plants in Colorado that can support the essence of a Japanese garden and thrive in our dry climate. I decided to do a Japanese garden that was reflective of the Colorado environment. The above sketch is the illustrative concept plan to that design. The actual design is hanging in the hallway of the Shepardson building at CSU. I will post it as soon as I get it back.

Above is a xeroscape garden design I completed for the LSC courtyard at CSU. Its purpose is to act as a demostration garden for the seven different levels of xeroscape. It also acts as a gathering space for students to sit and relax with friends in between classes. There are sitting spaces underneath all large shade trees to block the students from the hot sun. There is also a pergola structure to sit under and eat lunch. A seating wall was placed on the south side of the building which is intended for the winter time. There, the seating area would be in full sun so whoever decides to sit there won't get chilly.

The Smith Residence was our first project in which we had the freedom to design a typical landscape for the average home owner. Since money wasn't an issue in this design I didn't hold back, trying to place as many plants and pathways as I could into the small area. There was a difficult slope to deal with however, which explains why the water feature is on the northeast side of the property where the elevation is highest.

My first semester of senior year my studio was called planting design. I learned about placing the right plant in the right place with purpose. The studio was all about creating plantings that would act as wind barriers, save on energy, and create an aesthetically pleasing space for the viewer, which was accomplished by using color, texture, and form. I also learned how to detail a plant list and how to use liters for the plants. Here are a couple of my projects from this past semester. Two of them I should be getting back from my professor which she decided were good enough to hang in the hallway (It's like your parents hanging your good grades up on the refrigerator when you were young) kind of corny but I feel honored to have them there. I also will post my final planting design as soon as I get it back. My final was my first large scale landscape design which consisted of a large, low income housing apartment complex.

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